Frequently Asked Questions – Byrnes Online

Q1: Who Are We?

Byrnes Books & Toys is a small retailer in South East Ireland. Trading as QCSG Ltd., Byrnes Books & Toys specialises in Kids & Adult Books, Toys including a wide range of LEGO and other brands, Gifts & Stationery. Byrnes has a great reputation in South East Ireland, known for it’s heartwarming staff, great value for money and excellent customer service. 

Q2: What is Byrnes Online?

Byrnes Online is the website developed for Byrnes Books & Toys. Our aim with Byrnes Online is to provide a platform where anything that can be bought in the store can also be bought online. Byrnes Online has been in operation for 5 successful years, and every day we are improving the website and making sure we provide as good as an experience as possible for our customers. 

Q3: How long does shipping take?

Once an order is received on our system, the product leaves our store within 1-2 days. Shipping in Ireland usually takes about 1-3 days. Our courier service is provided by Nightline Couriers. We also ship to Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. When a customer spends over €50 on the website, shipping in Ireland is free. This does not apply to the UK. 

Q4: Is it an official LEGO DEPARTMENT?

It is an official LEGO DEPARTMENT in that LEGO authorised it and supplied us with the advertising & marketing material and all of our LEGO products are supplied directly by LEGO themselves. It is run by Byrnes, not by LEGO. Byrnes in Wexford Town and Enniscorthy both have a LEGO Zone where kids can play and build to their heart’s content. In these LEGO Zones is where you will find all the sets available online!

Q5: Have a question?

Don’t be afraid to contact us by either sending an email directly to us at or by filling out the contact form. We will reply to your query ASAP!