Loombands are here!

Loombands are a craze that has taken the country by storm. We now have loombands, not only available in our stores, but online as well. Refill packs are just €3.99 and starter sets with loom and tool are €11.99. You can find them in the arts and craft section of World of Wonder.


Benefits to kids

Loombands craftwork helps develop fine motor skills, creativity, persistence and the ability to follow instructions to name but a few of its benefits. Children can also work together and gain self esteem from creating items from scratch.

They are also, naturally,  lots of fun! Children can trade and share ideas and designs and discover new ideas from instructional videos available online. Keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter page where you can find video posts of interesting loomband designs.

And if parents are wondering what’s the benefit to them? They are a highly affordable way of keeping the kids entertained for hours on end!

loombands advert

For more information on the loombands craze and how it came to Ireland, click here.